Caltrans TCB Road Closure Update – 5-17-24

Caltrans Clearing TCB Access Road

Caltrans has built an access road to the top scarp. The road zigzags left of the slide area to move heavy equipment to the top of the hillside. Due to this activity, the slide area is an active construction zone — no one should attempt to cross through the area.

Now that the road is completed heavy equipment will soon be able to move above the landslide to begin pushing down material to SR-27, where dirt, rocks and boulders will be hauled away. Work is ongoing seven days a week.

Caltrans has installed fences to block access to the work zone. Please respect this so we can proceed quickly and safely. Interruptions causes all work to stop.

Caltrans is replacing damaged k-rails and cyclone fence that protects the environmentally sensitive Topanga Creek. Large boulders falling from the hillside have broken sections of the k-rails and fence (see attached photo). The damage shows how dangerous it is to enter the work zone. The team is adding silt fencing behind the barrier as extra protection against material falling into the creek.

Department experts provided an extensive update about the ongoing work during a Zoom meeting with the Topanga Town Council on Wednesday. Caltrans officials thought it was a productive meeting and is reviewing suggestions and follow-up questions.  View a recording of the meeting:

We now have a website on the Caltrans District 7 page: State Route 27 Landslide Recovery Plan | Caltrans.

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