Soil From Topanga Landslide Gets New Home

TCB landslide relocated

Moving Mountains:  New Ecological Initiative to Transform LA River Floodplain with Forest Soil from Topanga Canyon Landslide

Artist Lauren Bon, in partnership with California State Parks, has secured approximately 1,500 cubic yards (150 truckloads) of pristine forest soil from the landslide on Route 27 (Topanga Canyon Boulevard) to be utilized at the undeveloped 4-acre portion of Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Beginning this week, the 4-acre site will begin receiving soil and will serve as a laydown site for the soil to be utilized in current and future development projects at the park and throughout Los Angeles. The landslide, which has obstructed the Topanga Canyon roadway for the past few months, revealed an opportunity to enhance the ecological fabric of our community.

This effort marks the inception of a new initiative by artist Lauren Bon and her team at Metabolic Studio. The project aims to create a network of micro-forests along the LA River, fostering a patchwork of ecological sanctuaries that contribute to the river’s ecological agency and biodiversity.

Building on the success of “Bending the River,” an infrastructural artwork that diverts a portion of the LA River to the LA State Historic Park, this initiative will be a collaboration between California State Parks, the community, local city officials, nonprofits in District One, and private property owners. The goal is to repair and rejuvenate the floodplain of the historically unbridled LA River, enhancing the area’s resilience and ecological diversity.

We acknowledge that the Topanga soils are ancestral lands of today’s Gabrielino Shoshone, Tongva and Kizh, and Fernandeño Tataviam nations as are the lands we hope to repair.  Our hope is to be guided by native peoples and work together to locate where these lands will be best placed.

This ambitious project not only aims to repair environmental damage but also to reconnect the community with the natural assets of their city, promoting ecological awareness and stewardship.

For more information or to get on our list for project updates and future community workshops, please contact: