Caltrans TCB Road Closure Update 5-14-24

TCB road closure

UPDATE 5/14: Topanga Canyon Landslide at Postmile 1.8 on SR-27

Caltrans is building an access road to the top scarp. Work began May 10 and it will take several days to complete. The road will zigzag left of the slide area to move heavy equipment to the top of the hillside. Due to this activity, the slide area is an active construction zone — no one should attempt to cross through the area. Caltrans will install gates to control access to the site. We urge residents to stay away from our construction activity for their own safety.

The plan is to remove the landslide from the top, pushing material down to the roadway where trucks will be hauling away the dirt, rocks and boulders.

The landslide has not moved in some time and is not expected to move further if the warm, dry weather continues. This is an indication the landslide has become more stable.

Caltrans has replaced a dirt berm and silt fence that protects Topanga Creek with a rock fence due to concerns about dirt falling into the environmentally sensitive creek. The rock fence is made up of k-rails with cyclone fence on top to stop rocks and boulders from falling into the environmentally sensitive creek that is home to fish and other wildlife.

Caltrans is aiming to open the roadway by fall 2024. SR-27 remains closed from Grand View Drive to Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1).

Department experts will provide a more extensive update about the ongoing work during a Zoom meeting with the Topanga Town Council at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 15.