Topangans – Register as a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat

It’s official! Three Topanga community organizations: Topanga Town Council, the Topanga Creek Watershed Committee, and the Topanga Chamber of Commerce (TCoC), have all signed on to support Topanga’s registration as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” (CWH) at the community level. The program is sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) and has been in existence since 1973. California Director of the NWF, Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, recently joined us in Topanga to cheer us on our way to becoming the fifth community in the state to qualify. Only four other communities in the entire state of California have achieved official certification as a CWH.

This initiative goes beyond individual-level certification to encompass the entire community and requires that a critical mass of volunteers commit to providing wildlife components that are crucial to our local flora and fauna. Not only does a CWH designation reflect the environmental values that so many Topangans hold dear, it also serves as a program around which we can share ideas and “best practices” for involving expertise from our many environmental stewards in the Canyon-from landscapers to activists to animal-serving small businesses and a multitude of community nonprofits.

Qualifying for certification is simple. Residents, institutions and businesses can certify online after verifying that they provide the 4 components that all wildlife need to survive. In addition, applicants must commit to using sustainable gardening/landscaping practices. Learn more about the program and apply.

If you have questions or would like more information about Topanga’s registration in this program, please contact us.