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Caltrans TCB Closure Update 5-10-24

UPDATE 5/10: Topanga Canyon Landslide at Postmile 1.8 on SR-27 Caltrans is replacing a dirt berm and silt fence that protects Topanga Creek with a rock fence due to concerns about dirt falling into the environmentally sensitive creek during slide…
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Caltrans TCB Closure Update 5-3-24

UPDATE 5/3: Topanga Canyon Landslide at Postmile 1.8 on SR-27 Caltrans’ Botanist team is surveying the Topanga Canyon slide area for Fountain Grass, a non-native invasive plant. It will even grow vigorously in the gaps between sections of concrete and…
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See’s New Look

AFTER 14 YEARS, ONETOPANGA.COM GETS MORE THAN JUST A FACELIFT. Dear Topangans, It’s finally here — a much-needed update of Topanga’s community website. Because of the current TCB road closure, the Topanga Town Council elected to launch the new OneTopanga…
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Caltrans Gives Somber News Re: TCB

The Topanga Town Council’s April 17th meeting focused entirely on the Topanga Canyon Boulevard (TCB) road closure. A record number of people (over 385) came to hear why the canyon isn’t already opened and to share their feelings on the…
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TCB Road Closure

Caltrans, State and Local Officials at TTC Meeting On March 20, at the Topanga Library, the Topanga Town Council held a public meeting in which almost 100 people shared their concerns with Caltrans and government representatives over Topanga Canyon Boulevard’s…
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Get Your Topanga License Plate Frame

THE TOPANGA LICENSE PLATE FRAMES made their debut several decades ago as a fun way to promote our town and help fund Topanga Town Council programs and projects. Since that time, hundreds of frames have been sold and can be…
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Topanga, CA Designated a Firewise Community

As a result of fire hardening their homes, most residents will qualify for a reduction in their insurance rates Published March 30, 2022, at 5:45 p.m.  Updated:  May 12, 2023, at 12:54 p.m. Topanga Canyon is now officially recognized as a…