Learn About Your NOAA Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio

On two days in August, Topangans were invited to pick up free NOAA Weather Alert Radios designated for LA County residents living in high fire risk zones. If you missed the virtual training session hosted on August 23rd, and want to learn about the purpose and features of this radio, you can watch a recording of the training session.

The Los Angeles County’s NOAA Weather Alert Radio program is for residents living within Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones, where communications can be challenged by poor cell coverage and/or power outages. Alerts will be sent out on the weather radio during extreme and hazardous conditions warning residents to prepare or to evacuate. This is one of many ways residents can receive an emergency alert.

In a wildfire scenario similar to the Woolsey Fire – when we could lose power and phone communications in the night – a NOAA Alert Radio could wake you up so you could prepare. It also sends Wildfire warning and evacuation info in audio and text form.

Watch the NOAA Weather Radio training session here.

Purchase the Midland NOAA Weather Radio WR120 here.

View the Midland radio FAQ fact sheet here.

Access the Midland radio helpful resources (and how to program video) here.

For more information, visit LA County’s website on the NOAA WR120 radio.