Brush Clearing: A Surefire Way to Reduce Risk

Illustration of the zones around a home that must be cleared to reduce fire risk

Wildfire is probably the greatest risk to life in Topanga. Fires can be dangerous here because of seasonal winds, rugged terrain, heavy vegetation growth, many older combustible homes clustered together, and narrow roads.

Creating a defensible space is not only a good precautionary measure to wildfire prevention, it is also the legal responsibility of the property owner to properly clear vegetation up to 200 feet around all structures*. The Fire Department performs annual brush clearance inspections at the beginning of May for the inland side of Topanga and June 1st for the coastal side. Read about the brush clearing specifics.

For more information on how to comply or to ask a question, call the Defensible Space Unit at (626) 969-2375 or Topanga Fire Station 69 at (310) 455-1766, or email:, or visit the website to see details, FAQ’s and more.

Want info on Topanga’s Home Hardening Program? Find it here.

Already completed your brush clearing? Be sure to report your hours/costs to help Topanga maintain its Firewise Community status. It can give you up to 10% off your fire insurance. Talk with your insurance agent. You are only 5 questions away from helping yourself and the community!