Topanga’s Updated Evacuation Zone Maps

Topanga Zone Maps Individual Zones Page 06

Take a look at the latest Zone map – now with street names! If you need a refresher on why Zone names and boundaries look a little different, or if you’re not sure what Zone you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

Read this FAQ about who updated the Zones and why.

To find your zone, enter your address into the interactive map on Genasys Protect (formerly ZoneHaven) using the search bar in the upper left. This will open a pop-up window, which includes the zone name and information about the zone and its emergency services.

Here’s how to interpret your results:

TOP = Topanga. U = Unincorporated. ZONES are 001 through 009.

Note: Your zone may have changed from prior years, so double-check. Your Topanga Access Card will indicate your new zone.

The Access Card is more effective than other forms of ID. It expedites entry by Zone for all Topanga residents. It gives access to children, elderly and disabled adults. There is a Caregiver Access Card for those residents needing special assistance during an evacuation.

Order your card here.