Local Fire Prevention Resources

Fire Topanga Sept 2020

TCEP (Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness:

TCEP partners with other community organizations to help Topangans prepare for emergencies. TCEP disseminates real-time information during a disaster so residents and businesses can make necessary plans.

TCEP offers tips on creating a family emergency evacuation plan, assembling emergency kits, establishing a neighborhood network, and they provide links to many outside emergency preparation resources.

TCEP is a trusted resource for LA County agencies looking to understand the unique disaster-related issues in Topanga.

Learn more about TCEP’s amazing work and how you can volunteer.

Man looks through binocularsArson Watch:

For many decades, Topanga’s Arson Watch volunteers have patroled multiple locations throughout Topanga during Red Flag conditions and the weekend of July 4th.

Under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept., Arson Watch volunteers from Malibu, Topanga, Agoura Hills and Calabasas patrol over 185 square miles of the Santa Monica Mountains. during extreme fire weather conditions. Each volunteer is specially trained in what to look for when patrolling and how to communicate to necessary first responders.

Learn more about the dedicated effort of Arson Watch and how to become a volunteer.

Firewise USA:

Topanga is now one of a select group of “Firewise” communities in the State. This recognition was awarded based on years of emergency preparedness efforts, largely focused on wildfires, by many nonprofits and individuals in the community.

This designation entitles residents to a discount on several wildfire insurance premiums, including the California Fair Plan. For Topanga to continue being a Firewise Community, residents need to take a couple of minutes to report their annual brush clearance and other wildfire risk-reduction activities into the private Firewise database system.

Report your activity here.
Learn more about the program here.

The Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (RCD):

In addition to its invaluable conservation and restoration work, the RCD offers robust wildfire resiliency services to residents in the Santa Monica Mountains. Have the RCD help you prepare for wildfires with their Home Ignition Zone Evaluation Program.

The Community Resilience team at the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains has created a video series meant to help Topanga and other high-fire-risk communities become more wildfire resilient.

The videos, created with the help of a grant from CalFire, cover wildfire preparedness, fire ecology and how-tos for home hardening & defensible space.

Watch the first two videos in the 15-part series below: