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Animals Desperately Need Homes

Consider Adopting an Animal From LA County’s Overcrowded Shelters It’s well known that animals are a bundle of love and keep us entertained, give us cuddles when we need them, and remind us to take breaks and enjoy the simple…
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Local Fire Prevention Resources

TCEP (Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness: TCEP partners with other community organizations to help Topangans prepare for emergencies. TCEP disseminates real-time information during a disaster so residents and businesses can make necessary plans. TCEP offers tips on creating a family…
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Annenberg Beach House – Fun For All

The Annenberg Community Beach House at Santa Monica State Beach is an amazing public facility located on 5 acres of oceanfront property that has a myriad of activities for the whole family.  Create your own cardboard yacht for the annual…
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Caltrans TCB Road Closure Update — 6-4-24

UPDATE 6/4: Topanga Canyon Landslide at Postmile 1.8 on SR-27 State Route 27 reopened Sunday, June 2, months ahead of schedule. Continuing emergency repairs will require one-lane closure with flaggers directing alternating traffic during off-peak hours at postmile 1.8 on…
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Agents of Discovery

An augmented reality, geo-triggered app that gets you outside, active, and engaged in the world around you. With Agents of Discovery, you become a top-secret Agent, dedicated to solving the mysteries of science and nature at Legacy Park. Download the…
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Topanga Days Triumphs Over All

Good Times in Topanga By Noni Shore & Teri Mansour Moriarty Topanga Days 2024 was an unforgettable celebration, capturing the vibrant spirit of the community in the heart of Topanga Canyon. This three-day festival was a delightful blend of music,…
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Topanga Canyon Blvd Reopens – Finally!

FROM THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE, 5/31/24 – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the reopening of Topanga Canyon Boulevard ahead of schedule on Sunday, June 2. Original estimates had the reopening of this important route that connects Malibu to the western San Fernando Valley…
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Soil From Topanga Landslide Gets New Home

Moving Mountains:  New Ecological Initiative to Transform LA River Floodplain with Forest Soil from Topanga Canyon Landslide Artist Lauren Bon, in partnership with California State Parks, has secured approximately 1,500 cubic yards (150 truckloads) of pristine forest soil from the…
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Topanga Small Business Grants

Supervisor Lindsey Horvath’s Office Announces Grants for Topanga’s Small Businesses Impacted by Road Closure Message from Sophia Soudani, Field Deputy I want to formally announce some exciting news…the Office of Supervisor Lindsey Horvath will be standing up a Topanga Business Interruption Fund to…
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Brush Clearing: A Surefire Way to Reduce Risk

Wildfire is probably the greatest risk to life in Topanga. Fires can be dangerous here because of seasonal winds, rugged terrain, heavy vegetation growth, many older combustible homes clustered together, and narrow roads. Creating a defensible space is not only…
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Caltrans TCB Road Closure Update – 5-28-24

Clearance work is progressing well. Trucks are hauling away the material to various locations from about 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., traveling on closed section of SR-27 to Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1). Motorists can expect to see more…
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Caltrans TCB Road Closure Update – 5-24-24

Clearance work will continue through Memorial Day weekend. A long-reach excavator is pulling down the landslide material from the bottom to augment spider excavator and bulldozer pushing down landslide material to SR-27, where a loader is moving dirt, rocks and…