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Topanga License Plate Frames - Stars

THE TOPANGA LICENSE PLATE FRAMES made their debut several decades ago as a fun way to promote our town and help fund Topanga Town Council programs and projects. Since that time, hundreds of frames have been sold and can be seen displayed on local cars. Town Council is also offering several frame designs to show off resident civic pride or for you to give as a gift.

We thank you for helping support important programs that serve the Topanga community! See how your donation helps Topanga’s special causes.

Topanga License Plate Frames - Stars

TOPANGA – License Plate Frame – Stars

Colors: Red, Green, Black
Price: $22.00
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Topanga License Plate Frame Natural High


TOPANGA – License Plate Frame – A Natural High
Colors: Red, Green, Black
Price: $22.00
Online: Order Now  (allow 2-4 weeks for processing)