Topanga Days Triumphs Over All

Crowd outside at Topanga Days 2024

Good Times in Topanga
By Noni Shore & Teri Mansour Moriarty

Topanga Days 2024 was an unforgettable celebration, capturing the vibrant spirit of the community in the heart of Topanga Canyon. This three-day festival was a delightful blend of music, games, and camaraderie, bringing together residents and visitors alike for a weekend of joy and festivity.

The highlight of the event was the annual Topanga Days Parade, our most colorful procession that showcased the unique character and creativity of the community. Leading the parade this year was the esteemed Bill Dillon. Bill has been a resident of Topanga for 54 years and is a World War 2 veteran. Bill’s involvement added a layer of historical significance and heartfelt gratitude to the event, making it even more special for all who attended.

Music was at the heart of Topanga Days, with an eclectic lineup of bands and solo artists performing throughout the festival. From rock and folk to jazz and blues, the diverse musical acts had something for everyone, keeping the energy high and the crowds dancing. Each performance was a testament to the incredible talent that thrives within this community and beyond.

In addition to the fantastic music, the fair games delighted both young and old. From limbo, to water balloon basketball, to pie eating- all three days had fun and hilarious games. Families and friends competed for prizes, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of laughter and cheer.

A key element that made Topanga Days 2024 truly exceptional was the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers. Their tireless efforts ensured that the event ran smoothly and that everyone felt welcomed and cared for. These amazing volunteers exemplified the spirit of community service, contributing to the festival’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

As we close out our 49th year of Topanga Days we want to thank everyone who participated, in whatever way. We look forward to seeing you in 2025, for our golden Topanga Days, which we believe will be our best year ever!

Photos by Michael Hari

Crowds taking in the sun and music at Topanga Days
Crowd outside at Topanga Days 2024

Bill Dillon, Grand Marshal of 2024 Topanga Memorial Day Parade
2024 Parade Grand Marshal Bill Dillon

Musicians entertained everyone throughout the festival
2024 Parade Music on stage

Pie Eating Contest (video)
Topanga Days 2024 Pie Contest

Photos by Lindsey Zook and Alisa Land Hill

In the true spirit of Topanga, residents donned home-made costumes, pulled recycled and repurposed items from the garage (and who knows where else), and put their creative talent to work.  This year’s parade was distinguished by 30 hand crafted floats that took possession of Topanga Canyon Boulevard, delighting parade watchers down a 2.5 mile journey from Pine Tree Circle to the Topanga Community Center.  A fun time was had by all.

1st Place Christmas Float Wins “King of the Hill” Award
2024 Parade Winner 1

2nd Place Landslide Float Wins “Second Fiddle” Award
2024 Parade Winner 02

3rd Place Super Students Float Wins “Musketeer” Awar
2024 Parade Winner 03

Special Award to Topanga Canyon Jungle Cruise
2024 Parade Special Award 1

Special Award to Rocket Man
2024 Parade Special Award 2

Other Amazing Floats Elicting Smiles Down the Canyon
2024 Parade_Blvd Journey Begins
S2024 Parade_Blvd Journey Begins 2

2024 Parade_Blvd Journey Begins 3
2024 Parade_Blvd Journey Begins 4