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Through a collaborative partnership, the Topanga Canyon Boulevard partners has been working since June 2012 identifying the goals within the Topanga Creek Watershed Plan of 2002 that will promote public safety, fire safety, address and manage invasive plants, and protect the natural environment of the Topanga Creek Watershed along Topanga Canyon Boulevard (SR-27).
Members include government representatives and community partners: Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Office, Senator’s Office, Assemblymember’s Office, Caltrans, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga Town Council, Topanga Creek Watershed Committee, Topanga Association for a Scenic Community, Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness, North Topanga Fire Safe Council, and Topanga Chamber of Commerce.
There are three subcommittees within the TCBRC dealing with communications, best management practices (BMP), and mapping. These subcommittees hold separate meetings to discuss more specific objectives in order to help and more efficiently realize the larger goals of the TCBRC.


The mission of the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee, an ad hoc advisory group, working collaboratively with related public agencies and community organizations, is to continue executing sustainable solutions to manage roadside brush clearance along TCB/State Route 27 that promote public safety and best management practices for fire safety, invasive plant management, and protection of the natural environment of the Topanga Creek Watershed, by using methods, other than herbicides, consistent with the goals and policies of the Topanga Creek Watershed Plan of 2002.

TCBRC at Work

The committee has put years into developing and customizing a corridor management plan that addresses the enhancement of public safety, the protection of the environment along the roadside, and the concerns of the community.

The corridor management plan includes best management practices for vegetation management: active participation from the community and property owners with parcels that abut SR-27; planting non-invasive vegetation; and using mowers and other mechanical tools instead of herbicides to remove brush and other vegetation along the highway.

The TCBRC invites and encourages Topangans to become partners in their vegetation management program and to take pride in and participate in preserving the natural environment of TCB.
To volunteer, email the Topanga Town Council: