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Rat poisons are often found in bait boxes placed around residential and commercial properties, put out by property owners or pest control companies. Rodents are the intended targets, but they are not the only victimsRodents eat the poisons, become weakened, and are then easy prey for owls, hawks, foxes, fishers, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and other wildlife, who become the unintended secondary victims.

Several different types of poisons are used to target rodents. Anticoagulant poisons are among the most dangerous and deadly, interfering with blood clotting and causing internal bleeding that leads to a slow and painful death. Other poisons cause seizures, brain swelling, and convulsions

Whatever poison is used, it’s an ugly way for animals to die.  The problem of secondary poisoning is severe. A shocking 70-100 percent of wildlife that prey on rodents test positive for anticoagulants and other rodent poisons.

AB 2596, an assembly bill authored by California Assemblymember Richard Bloom and co-authored by Senator Fran Pavley, is a common sense solution to remove the most dangerous rodent poisons from use by consumers and pest control companies in order to protect kids, pets, and wildlife.  To check the status of this bill, click here.  We need your help to urge the California State Legislature to pass AB 2596 in the strongest form possible.

Dozens of wildlife groups, environmental organizations, and regulatory agencies support a ban on rodenticides. There are safe, cost-effective options readily available on the market today that don’t indiscriminately kill wildlife or harm children and pets. We simply cannot afford to lose any more of California’s predators—the true pest control experts—to these toxic poisons.

Please sign our petition and share it with your family and friends, click here.

Want to make an even greater impact?  Email or call your assemblymember and your state senator and urge them to support AB 2596. Sending your own personal comments will do even more to let your legislators know you care.  
Here are Topanga's representatives.

State Assembly (District 50)

Assembly Member Richard Bloom-DEM

State Senate (District 27)

Senator Henry I. Stern-DEM

(Sample message to Legislators):

I urge you to support AB 2596, a common sense solution to protect California wildlife, pets, and kids by removing the most dangerous rodent poisons from use by consumers and pest control companies.

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