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The Topanga Directory's directory is your direct link to the heart of Topanga. Here you will find a collection of boutiques, restaurants, mom & pop grocery stores, animal services, art galleries, instructors, salons, artists, trades people; and many other independent one-of-a-kind small businesses owned by passionate locals. You will also find non-profit organizations, spiritual centers, schools, and government listings serving the Topanga community. Begin your search to the heart of Topanga today!

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Destinations To Recovery
Mendi Baron

TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-385-1056
A Talk With Spirit
Jane E Plotkin

Phone: 310-709-7071
Canyon Scholars
Kevin Ruskusky

Phone: 303-868-7188
Think Ali
Ali Murtaza

Phone: 818-267-7017
Topanga Brides
Suzanne Pritchard

Phone: 818-917-6251
Cali Camp at Big Rock Ranch
Pam Hawley

1717 Old Topanga Cyn Rd
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-0404
Girls with Guitars
Shevy Smith

Phone: 562-286-4551
Topanga Arts
Marlene Frantz

Phone: 310-455-2298
The Healing Heart Center
Chantal Benedict

Phone: 818-884-2499
Geri's Brain School
G M Kenyon

Phone: 310-455-3077
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