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The Topanga Directory's directory is your direct link to the heart of Topanga. Here you will find a collection of boutiques, restaurants, mom & pop grocery stores, animal services, art galleries, instructors, salons, artists, trades people; and many other independent one-of-a-kind small businesses owned by passionate locals. You will also find non-profit organizations, spiritual centers, schools, and government listings serving the Topanga community. Begin your search to the heart of Topanga today!

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Canyon Bistro
Larry Cohn

120 N Topanga Cyn Blvd #119
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-7800
Canyon Gourmet
Peter Kagan

120 S Topanga Cyn Blvd #110
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-4200
Canyon View Ranch for Dogs
Randy Neece

1558 Will Geer Rd
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-7897
The Mountain Mermaid
Bill Buerge

20421 Callon Dr
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-3181
Topanga Chamber of Commerce
Dianne Porchia - President

P.O. Box 185
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-0790
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Topanga Town Council
Stacy Sledge - President

PO Box 1085
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-3001
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Arson Watch
P.O. Box 197
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-4244
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Canyon Sages
Canyon Sages

C/O Topanga Community Center, P.O. Box 1531
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 818-225-1909
QuantumDesign Creative Life Coaching
Eric and Amy Benichou-Stone

1930 A Topanga Skyline Drive
TopangaCA 90290

Phone: 310-455-7242
Definite Possibilities Corp
Starr Taxman


Phone: 818-716-9300

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