Crime Prevention Tips

Community Crime Prevention Tips - December 2013

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Calling 911 or the Business Line
Calling 911 or reporting a crime can be uncomfortable. We at the Sheriff's station share your feelings. The information herein will hopefully help everyone.

What You Should Do
In an EMERGENCY CALL 911 using the locations land-line (not cell phones). Remain calm and follow the desk personnel's instructions.

When calling from a land-line in our area, your call will be answered by the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's station. If the call is placed from a location not in our station area, the call will be handles by that area's law enforcement agency.

When calling 911 from cell phones, your call will be answered by the law enforcement agency closest to where you are calling from.

If NOT AN EMERGENCY, call the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's station's business line at (818) 878-1808 or (310) 456-6652.

What You Can Expect When Calling 911 From Your Land Line
All station personnel are trained to be courteous and professional when contacted by the community, however, due to time restraints caused by the emergent nature of the calls or number of calls waiting to be answered, the desk personnel may be direct and concise with their questions and answers. Please understand that one of our goals is to obtain accurate information as quickly as possible in order to appropriately dispatch the field units.

If you call the 911 Emergency Line one of our desk personnel will answer the phone and say "911 emergency,what are you reporting."

They will ask you to confirm your address and phone number to assure that we have the correct location where you are calling from.

Remain calm and report your emergency.

If your call is a law enforcement-related emergency, the desk person will ask you for the information that will be required to create an incident that will be dispatched to the field units/deputies.

If your emergency is not law enforcement-related, such as a fire, medical, poison, etc. the desk person will transfer you to the appropriate agency.

Keep in mind that if the emergency is not law enforcement-related, such as a medical emergency, the desk person will monitor the call and if needed will dispatch a sheriff's unit to your location.

What You Can Expect When Calling The Business Line
If you call during normal business hours, the phone will be answered by our operator. The operator will transfer your call to the proper person based on your request.

If you are calling to report a crime you will be transferred to the desk.

The desk personnel will ask your reason for calling and based on your conversation they will determine the best way to assist you.

If a crime has occurred, they will dispatch a field unit to your location.

If for any reason you feel that you are not receiving satisfactory service, ask to speak to the Watch Deputy.

Talk To Us
The watch commander's at any Sheriff's Station are available to answer your questions regarding procedures, citations, or traffic stops.

You can contact us in person or by mail, and you do not have to use a special form. The watch commander will complete a Service Comment Report to document your complaint or commendation.

Watch commanders may discuss personnel conduct,, but cannot adjudicate citations. Only a judge has that authority.

If you choose to report your concerns by phone, you may contact the station watch commanders individually or you may dial the Sheriff's complaint line between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM @ 1-800-698-TALK (8255).


If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Shawn Brownell at (818) 878-5506.


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