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You Can Put Your Food Scraps in the Green Bin

Organics Recycling

How to Compost in the Green Bin - Waste Management Explains 
Published July 29, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

As of 2022, waste collection agencies across California are required to collect food waste — which accounts for 30 percent of all solid waste — to turn it into compost. Waste Management, which provides trash services to the Santa Monica Mountains, explains what to do at home in a handy graphic. 

What can go in, besides yard waste? 

- Produce scraps and pulp
- Egg shells and dairy products
- Meat
- Tea and coffee grounds and filters
- Bread and other grains
- Soiled napkins, paper towels, parchment paper, paper plates

NOTE: Your food scraps can be left in plastic or paper bags inside the green bin. 

What NOT to include in your green bin:

- Loose plastic bags (not used to hold scraps)
- Utensils
- Plastic and foam containers
- Hazardous waste

What does Waste Management do with all those scraps? 

In addition to creating compost and soil amendment, Waste Management has a CORe® program that converts food into an "organic slurry that generates green energy at four locations in North America."

A local alternative to putting your food scraps in the green bin: 

Full Circle Compost offers free compost drop-off at three convenient locations in Topanga: Viewridge, the Topanga Courtyard, and outside Topanga Lumber. 

Register to compost with Full Circle, and help regenerate land in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

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