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TCEP FRS Radio Top of the Hour Test #2


Posted: October 8, 2020, 11:30 a.m.

For those who missed the first FRS radio test back in September, or for those who want to double-check their FRS reception, TCEP is transmitting a second test this coming Sunday Oct.11. Please see details below.


On Sunday, October 11, at 8:00 pm, TCEP will test our new, more powerful Top-of-the-Hour (TOTH) report transmitter on FRS (Family Radio Service) channel 15.

When TCEP is activated during major emergencies, we transmit emergency status updates at the top of every hour on FRS channel 15. These approximately 5-minute reports summarize the emergency updates on t-cep.org/emergencystatus and on our 310-455-3000 telephone hotline.

The TOTH report is a way for you to get verified information about an unfolding emergency — including official evacuation orders — through inexpensive, battery-powered FRS radios, even if the electrical grid is down and all other forms of communication, including cell phones, landline phones, internet and TV are dark.

Google “FRS Radio” for more information about how the radios work and where to buy.

All Topanga residents with an FRS radio are encouraged to LISTEN ONLY to this test transmission to see if you can hear the TOTH report from your home or other location. This is an important part of your backup emergency communications planning and preparation.


Before the October 11, 8:00 pm test:

• Confirm that your FRS radio can receive channel 15. Some older radios only receive up to channel 14. If that’s the case for your radio, you’ll need to purchase a new radio with extended channel capabilities.
• Make sure your FRS radio is charged up or has fresh batteries installed.
• Turn off all tones, sub-codes and privacy channels on your radio (see your radio’s manual). If your channel display reads anything other than 15-0, or 15, you will not be able to hear the TOTH report.
• Channel 15 is LISTEN ONLY. Each neighborhood in Topanga has been assigned a specific FRS channel for local, two-way communication. Find your local FRS channel in the Topanga Disaster Survival Guide on pages 96-97.

At 7:59 pm on October 11:

• Turn on your FRS radio and tune to channel 15.
• Make sure the volume is up.
• If you can’t hear anything, try moving to a different location on your property. Moving to a higher elevation may help. FRS radios are “line of sight” units, so mountains and obstacles can interfere with reception.
• During the test, note what you can or can’t hear and how clear the transmission is.


Please complete a 1-minute online survey about your TOTH experience. Go to: https://bit.ly/tcepsurvey. This will help TCEP pinpoint areas of the canyon that are having trouble receiving the transmission and enable volunteers to fine-tune the system so more people can receive the TOTH report.

TCEP thanks you for participating in this test and submitting your survey response!

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