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Library Forgive a Book Fine

From May 1-31, 2017, we’re waiving overdue fines so that you can come back and enjoy the library again. During Fine Forgiveness Month, return overdue materials to your local library without paying applicable overdue fees. We’re also waiving accumulated overdue fines on already-returned materials—just visit the circulation desk. Visit us this May, return your items, and enjoy the library again! For more info:  or  #FineForgiveness

Kids can 'read away' their fine (call the Topanga Library for more info:  310-455-3480)


Q: Do I have to go into the library, or will my fees automatically be waived or forgiven?
A: You may drop off the overdue items via the library’s book drop. However, if you choose to do so, fines will not be waived until June 2017. To have your overdue fees waived immediately, we encourage you to stop by your local LA County Library during the month of May 2017. 

Q: Are there any exceptions to what items I may return?
A: All materials may be returned with the exception of damaged or un-useable items, to be determined by your librarian. 

Q: Are there any exceptions to what fees will be waived?
A: Only fees associated with an overdue item will be waived. We will not waive other fees associated with lost or damaged items, library card replacement fee, and meeting room fee.

Q: I just paid a fine. Can I get a refund? 
A: No. There is no reimbursement for previously paid fines.

Q: What if I have overdue fines on my account and the item has already been returned?
A: Visit your local library during May 2017 and we will have the fines waived for you.

Q: What happens if I don't have the book or item to return? I lost it.
A: We will not be waiving lost item or accrued processing fees, as we still need to replace the item.


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