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Ready Set Go! Topanga Evacuation Drill May 6, 2017

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Saturday, May 6, 2017 - Beginning around 10am

Topanga is prone to major wildfires. The lives of you, your family and neighbors may depend on having a plan to get out the Canyon quickly and safely. The Topanga Emergency Management Task Force has organized this drill (led by Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lost Hills Sheriff's Department, County Supervisor's Office and our local TCEP) to give you the opportunity to practice your evacuation plan. Newbies and veterans alike should practice reacting in a disaster. It'll help you remain calm and make better decisions in a real emergency.

Even if you have participated in past drills, your involvement on May 6 will help not only you and your family to be better prepared for emergencies, but it will also help our emergency responders to respond to a more realistic drill disaster scenario. We ALL have to practice!

In about a week, each Topanga household and business will receive a drill packet in the mail, detailing the May 6, 2017 Drill Exercise. On drill day, beginning around 10:00am, you will receive a call from AlertLA instructing you to evacuate by Zone number. All listed and unlisted landlines are automatically in the system for the phone notification, but if you want to add additional cell phones and email, you can register

We encourage you to also sign up for TCEP's Twitter and Facebook: @TCEP90290, as they will be sending out real-time information and updates before, during and after the drill. You can also go to their website at:

To develop an emergency preparedness plan and to locate your TOPANGA ZONE NUMBER, go to:

You can purchase a 2017 TOPANGA RESIDENT ACCESS CARD which indicates your zone number and helps entry into the canyon during an actual disaster when officers deem it safe to return. You can purchase your card on drill day (and most other days) at Topanga Seed & Feed. Former cardholders can renew online at:
*Access Cards will not be needed for the drill.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Bring the whole family! Special gifts are available to those who evacuate to Taft High School (one per family and while supplies last).

P.S. Law enforcement patrols will remain in our area during the drill and Topanga Canyon Blvd will not be closed at any time.

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