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This is Topanga's place to communicate with each other on a variety of topics of interest. Browse posts as a guest or log-in to create your own posts, add comments to others, and subscribe to receive notifications on selected categories and topics of your choice.
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Community Topics

OneTopanga’s Community Topics moderated forums is for Topangans to share, comment and have dialog on topics that affect our mountain community. If you would like to submit a topic for consideration, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask that you follow's Code of Conduct and that you are respectful, courteous and take personal responsibility for your submissions.
Local efforts are being made to eliminate the use of toxic materials that endanger the wildlife chain and Topanga's watershed. Share your ideas and methods for controlling pesky rodents and weeds, and cleaning your house and yard in a non-poisonous way.
1 Posts 1 Replies
by WMC
02 Feb 2015 13:18
Share water conservation tips, methods, programs, and ideas.
5 Posts 0 Replies
by Ricky
20 Jun 2017 02:12
Topanga is known for it’s festivals and special events: Topanga Days, the Parade, Earth Day, Swap Meet & Chili Cook-off, Topanga 10K, Gallery Art Tour, Snow Day at Pine Tree and others. Share your videos, photos and stories!
4 Posts 0 Replies
by Topanga Town Council
15 Jul 2015 12:21
Check here for local traffic and road condition alerts from the County and posts from local drivers.
11 Posts 2 Replies
by Beverlyalcock
31 Mar 2017 03:09
Find helpful information regarding having a horse facility in the canyon.
1 Posts 0 Replies
by Topanga Town Council
23 Sep 2015 12:08
Find helpful preparation information regarding the El Niño storm season.
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Community Groups invites you to use OneTopanga’s Community Group moderated forums to connect with others who share your passion or common interest. If you would like to submit a group subject, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask that you follow's Code of Conduct and that you are respectful, courteous and take personal responsibility for your submissions.
Come join Topanga’s animal kingdom where discussions happen both in the domestic and wild animal world. Share your stories on animal care, training, health, products, endangered species and sightings. Photos and videos are welcome.
4 Posts 2 Replies
by rogerafrance
25 May 2017 23:55
Picasso once said, "Learn the rules of art like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." The art forum represents a diverse range of artistic endeavors and encourages discussions from amateurs and pros of their techniques, styles, reviews, interpretations, philosophy, and more. Feel free to upload your photos of your creations and instructional videos.
1 Posts 1 Replies
by greatwindowsss
19 Mar 2015 23:52
This forum is for Topangans to keep an eye and ear on their community for safety and security. You can share ideas on designing a safe space in your home and watching out for your neighborhood. Exchange ideas on personal safety, holiday safety, disaster preparedness, special needs situations, and crime prevention. Remember to report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department by dialing 911 or (818) 878-1808.
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This is an informal group of electronic enthusiasts and technically minded hobbyist who gather to trade computer and electronic information.
2 Posts 0 Replies
Last Post: Ham Radio
by Schoen
31 Jan 2015 09:28
Use this forum to discuss everything family - activities, childcare, education, health & wellness, sports & recreation, vacation spots, and more.
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Topanga has many food and wine aficionados that make and create culinary delights. Share your recipes, cooking tips, opinions and reviews.
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In this forum, you can share ways to live a longer, healthier and happy life. Chat about current health products and services, fitness and exercise, diet and nutrition, aging and longevity, and more.
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Creative talents unite in the Hobbies & Crafts forum. Whether your talents are in sewing, quilting, scrapbooking; or creating gifts for for kids, the holidays and special occasions; you can share project ideas and photos with other enthusiasts.
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This internet community is where Topanga residents can share home and gardening related matters in areas like: repair and maintenance, remodeling, renewable energy, sustainable living, money saving tips, decorating, entertaining, organic gardening, landscaping and more. As the forum gains in popularity, sub categories can be created.
2 Posts 0 Replies
by CGrooms
27 Jan 2016 02:23
In Topanga, seniors are revered as ‘sages’, thus the local organization, Canyon Sages. We invite you to become a member where you can discuss topics on health, money, retirement, travel, entertainment and much more.
2 Posts 0 Replies
by Topanga Town Council
02 Feb 2015 18:07
Welcome to the sports and recreation page where people with active lifestyles can share information on a variety of sports and recreational activities.
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by Micah Kritzman
22 Sep 2014 10:59
A Topanga volunteer promotes goodness in the community and improves the quality of life for residents, the wildlife and environment. Local volunteers have helped Topanga build a playground and an emergency operations center. They have helped remove tons of trash and debris in our creek. They support our kids, our seniors and our homeless community. Use this forum to connect and exchange ideas on volunteer projects in Topanga.
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Have Topanga tales to tell? This is a great way to keep an 'unofficial' historical account of things people remember while living in our great town.
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